What to do with your wellies when you’ve worn them out

We love wellies in this family, love them. They are the ideal multi-purpose footwear and have so many great qualities. Primarily they are waterproof, but best of all they are excellent mudspreaders. The tread of my wonderful Ariat beauties have such deep grooves that I am able to spread dried mud not only along my […]


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A bizarrely British day out

Yesterday, Rory and I had the most British day out that there has ever been. If you’ve ever shared a bed with me, you’ll know that I like to spend my mornings catching up with the antics of the four-legged celebridogs I follow so keenly on Instagram. I’m yet to meet any of my favourites […]

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Fashionably late: vlogging

Guys, guys, guys! I’m feeling very pleased with myself today because I have published my first monthly vlog! You can watch it now on my You Tube channel. What. A. Mission. Last month I started filming snippets of my life just to prove to the outside world that I wasn’t (always) sitting in my pyjamas at […]

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