What to do with your wellies when you’ve worn them out

We love wellies in this family, love them. They are the ideal multi-purpose footwear and have so many great qualities. Primarily they are waterproof, but best of all they are excellent mudspreaders. The tread of my wonderful Ariat beauties have such deep grooves that I am able to spread dried mud not only along my hallway, but also as deep into Sainsbury’s as the bakery, the Post Office, my mum’s kitchen and every pub in a four-mile radius. And this all with the mud collected from one dog walk!

My new wellies were purchased in an “oh sod it I’m buying them” moment at outrageous expense after I became so sick of falling over in my old, tread-free Primark wellies.

My glittery Primark pair were demoted to emergency spares and lived in a trunk in the porch until I discovered a family of tarantulas had moved in and I flung them, screaming, into the outdoor bin without remorse.

The new wellies are made by Ariat, are blue (obviously) and are so comfortable and practical, and having worn them almost daily for a year are without a doubt my favourite shoe. I don’t believe you can scrimp on quality if you wear your wellies for more than poncing around V-Festival once a year and I’m sorry not sorry, Hunters just don’t cut it.

Chris prefers to buy his wellies from a garden centre, spend anywhere from £5-15 and wear them until they resemble a blown out tyre pulled from a motorway ditch. He recently declared that his sock was getting wet and so, inspired my too many hours of upcycling videos on YouTube, I assembled my tools on the floor and set to work.

Tools required: scissors. Time taken: 6 minutes. Cost: free. Outcome: back door shoes!

There’s a shop I’ve long admired from afar called “Back Door Shoe Company” but have never purchased any because a) they are like £30 and b) I prefer to take the bin out in whatever bed sock/ battered old slipper combo I have lying around. These babies may not win style points but dammmmn they are convenient! And FREE!

Here’s a really poor quality bonus picture of a pair of wellies I created for a festival once. They didn’t do anything to help up my style points but they were a lot of fun!


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