Fashionably late: vlogging

Guys, guys, guys!

I’m feeling very pleased with myself today because I have published my first monthly vlog! You can watch it now on my You Tube channel.

What. A. Mission. Last month I started filming snippets of my life just to prove to the outside world that I wasn’t (always) sitting in my pyjamas at 2pm and that the only productive thing I had done that day was alphabetise my socks. The girls said my footage was funny and that I should become an Actual YouTuber. I didn’t have the heart to tell them that I am a) too old b) too lazy and c) lack any discernible shred of fashion sense and Zoella would probably have her pug poop on my laptop for even considering it.

But then I realised I didn’t have to be the internet’s style guru and that I could surely just stomp around in my pink fleece with my dog like always, and people will watch it. Because that’s the nature of YouTube. People will watch ANYTHING!

Also, our broadband connection is so slow that it has taken 7 hours and 46 minutes to upload. Not joking. On 8 June I will give my vote to any maverick prioritising cabled ultra-fast broadband to every home, not just those within 46 feet of Westminster.


So there you go, please watch my vlog and if you like it, give me a thumbs up and subscribe. If you do, you won’t miss the next episode where I fall arse-first into a river. Uh-huh.

Love and licks,


P.S There is a teeny bit of swearing in it. Sorry, mum.


3 thoughts on “Fashionably late: vlogging

  1. Now I really have got to get on – didn’t realise you were on for so long…..BTW a spring onion is a “scallion” around these parts!! And Izzy (my dog) has been all round the house looking for you and Rory. Mum xx

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